A Syrian refugee writes to a Saudi King

Saudi Arabia’s offer to build mosques does not help the Syrian people

WASHINGTON, September 24, 2015 – Following the offer of Saudi Arabia to build mosques in Germany for the refugees arriving there, a Syrian girl sends a letter to the Saudi king.

Dear King Salman: Thank you for offering to build 200 mosques for my fellow Muslim’s in Germany. It would be very nice to have a place to pray.

However I do not think you would accept them in your nice mosques with improper cloths, nor would you let them sleep there at night because one should respect the house of God not sleep in it. My people would not even be able to mourn for their loved ones whom they lost in their journey because weeping for dead is against your religion.

Your fancy mosques would not offer them language classes, food or job.

So, your mosques are no use for my Syrian people.

Why are you are more willing to pay millions to buy bricks and stones and wood to make a buildings and call them mosques then to welcome refugees into your country? Saudi Arabia is much closer to Syria than is Germany. If you had let them in, many of them would not have seen death of their parents or children in trucks or drowning in sea.

In fact, if you had not sent fighters to my country these Syrian would not even had to leave their homes.

Your Highness,

As a Muslim I was taught Allah wants us to be united, to live with the spirit of brotherhood, to care for orphans, to give shelter to homeless, to feed poor and most importantly to honor humanity.

I do not know which God you want my people to worship in your mosques, but I do not think we share one God. Your God’s priority is prayer not humanity. My God tells me if I wake in the morning not carrying for fellow Muslims, I am not a true Muslim.

I am a Syrian girl who’s best memories goes back to the streets of Zainabia. In that area, I had Iraqi, Afghan and Iranian friends. You know why? Because Syria was the only country in the Middle East that accepted refugees. Although we were not a very rich nation, we opened our land and hearts to those who ran away from Saddam, Taliban and other violators.

On the other hand, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait and all other oil rich countries used their wealth to buy weapons, live in castles, build fancy mosques, and live luxury lives without carrying for fellow Muslims.

Now, I live in USA where I have enough freedom to critique you and all kings who destroyed humanity in the name of Islam. However, not all my childhood friends were lucky as I am: many of the now are either dead or living in refugee camps hoping someday a non-Muslim leader will feel for their pain and give them asylum as Germany is.

Respected Magistry,

You carry the title of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and have destroyed most Islamic historical sites in Mecca and Madinah to add to the elegance of the house of the God. You finance thousands of mosques, and clerics around the world but caring for humanity is not in your agenda. Saudi is number on hierarchy in the world with the most human rights violations.

My fellow Syrian cannot worship in your mosques because you worship the God of buildings and they worship Allah who is not limited to buildings. Their Allah likes them free and happy while your God wants their population in mosques even if they are cold, hungry, and sad.

On behalf of my Syrian fellows, I have to reject your kind offer to build 200 mosques for us in Germany. Instead, we will work on the spirit of brotherhood in the new free land.

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