How April 3rd: “Punish a Muslim Day” can bring your inner goodness out!

How April 3rd: “Punish a Muslim Day” can bring your inner goodness out!

Although most people do not care, or even heard of such a letter, I invite everyone to take some action.

There are number of way to react to this letter.

Join the “club”!

If you can relate to some of the following statements, maybe you qualify to feel like “punishing a Muslim” to get rid of some rage inside you.

· If you are tired of how Muslim women reject you when you flirt with them,

· If the Hijabi girl at your office or school gets more attention from guys than you do,

· If you do not appreciate colorful scarves that perfectly matched with designer brand cloths,

· If bearded guys annoy you because they can be more attractive than non-bearded guys according to science,

· If you cannot find table at your local Halal restaurant that serves best Kabob,

· If you could not make money out of overpriced products that Muslims are willing to buy in order to eat, dress and live based on Islamic lifestyle,

· If you could not make friends with well educated, wealthy and respected Muslim in your neighborhood,

· Or if you are a Muslim who never understood Islam

You might be qualified to have hatred against Muslims.

Join a Human Rights NGO!

I am a human rights advocate and I have to be honest with you. Letters like these give us, the advocates, so much joy and happiness. Do not get me wrong: that is not because we find them entertaining. It is because such letters and campaigns remind us that we have purpose in life. They are good reminders that there are ignorant around us, and our educational and pro equality campaigns are still useful.

So, if you can relate to some of the following statements, become an activist.

· If you find the concept of degrading, dehumanizing and discrimination stupid and foolish,

· If you have developed into a sound and sane human being,

· If you belong to a minority group, and your people are suffering,

· If you your emotional intelligence is well developed,

· If you are looking for purpose in life,

· If you like adventure,

· If you are obsessed with news channels,

· If you want to have good friends and be part of impactful community,

· If you want to change the world,

· If you need community hours for school

· If you want to sound cool on your resume, business card or bio

If any of these is appealing, become an activist and “enjoy the ride”!

Put on your favorite pajamas, stay home and do nothing!

Believe it or not doing nothing sometimes in the best action to take especially if you are facing an idiot. Here is why doing nothing might be an option for you.

· If you are an angry Muslim who cannot just ignore this stupid letter,

· If you are a scared Muslim who thinks there are people out there who have the courage to “punish you”,

· If you have history of violence against Muslims or any minorities,

· If you can use April 3rd as an “excuse” to have off from work or school,

If any of these applied to you, stay home and rest.

There is so much to do in April 3rd!

Whatever you decide to do, I encourage you to stay away from violent and any stupid act, use your brain and take advantage of the opportunity.

This might be only and last “Punish a Muslim Day”, as I still believe, one day, there will be a cure to stupidity, so use this day to DO something, or not.

BTW, here is a question for the organizers of this campaign: will they bail you out after you are caught?

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