Discover “the Essential” in Creating a Successful Company

What makes successful companies unique? Each human-being has a set of values. That is what make us different and adds to our uniqueness. Everyone around us, all people we see, either we know them or not, has a particular set of values and beliefs. However, they are hidden for the most part. For example, a person sitting next to you in the metro has values and beliefs, yet it is tough to know them until...

Miracle of Cause Marketing

I have always been amazed by how a greater cause impacts business’ success. Let me start with a personal story. I never liked flavored yogurts. The only thing I ever picked from the yogurt fridge, at the markets, was plain yogurt.  Until I heard Hamdi Ulukaya, the CEO of Chobani yogurt announcing the decision to gave 10% of Chobani stock to its employees. Just learning about such action,...

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