Justice for all in Iraq even Human Rights Violators

Twenty-six month after The Speicher massacre, Iraqi government convicted and executed 36 people believed to be responsible for themassacre.Speicher is considered one of the worst crimes ISIS has committed since it took over large parts of the Iraq in 2014 and one of the powerful motivator for loyal Iraqi Shia to volunteer to fight and protect their shrines. The SpeicherMassacre In June 2014, proximately...

Should Endangered Minorities Leave Ancestral Home?

Life presents a series of difficult decisions to make. For Shia minorities facing oppression under anti-Shia bodies, they are often left with the option of fleeing to safety or remaining to protect their culture. Shia are minority among Muslims in all countries around the world with the exceptions of Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Lebanon and Bahrain.  However, even in these countries where Shia are the...

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