Cooperate with activists as your existence depends on them, because it does! A lesson to learn from Amazon vs Activist in NY

Smart businesses are kind to activist! A lesson to learn from Amazon vs Activist in NY For a long, I have been saying that the economy and businesses have the most important role in changing and shaping a society.  They invest millions of dollars to convince us what products to buy, how to dress, how to live our lives, and even when people start “do-it-yourself” movement, the businesses sell us...

Miracle of Cause Marketing

I have always been amazed by how a greater cause impacts business’ success. Let me start with a personal story. I never liked flavored yogurts. The only thing I ever picked from the yogurt fridge, at the markets, was plain yogurt.  Until I heard Hamdi Ulukaya, the CEO of Chobani yogurt announcing the decision to gave 10% of Chobani stock to its employees. Just learning about such action,...

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