Houthis Making History by Adhering to UN resolution!

After months of nonstop fighting, expense of millions of dollars, and destruction of homes, families and lives Houthis adhered to UN plan of ceasefire! Such interesting decision requires in depth investigation as it smells fishy to critical minds: It is not every day that UN resolution is actually adhered by anyone, so Houthis are defiantly making history at the moment, What prompted Houthis to...

Zakery: Houthis are not representative of all Shia in Yemen

WASHINGTON, June 6, 2014 — Yemenis, like people of other Islamic countries, have struggled for social justice and freedom. During this process, some groups have gained power while others have been excluded for political reasons. Usually minorities are the most vulnerable to political exclusion, and once again, Yemeni Shia are paying the price of underrepresentation. READ ALSO: What‘s behind...

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