A Syrian refugee writes to a Saudi King

Saudi Arabia's offer to build mosques does not help the Syrian people WASHINGTON, September 24, 2015 – Following the offer of Saudi Arabia to build mosques in Germany for the refugees arriving there, a Syrian girl sends a letter to the Saudi king. Dear King Salman: Thank you for offering to build 200 mosques for my fellow Muslim’s in Germany. It would be very nice to have a place to...

Shocking analysis of US Foreign Aid before and after the ‘Arab Spring’

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2014 — The United States is the world’s top donor of military and economic assistance, giving more than $50 billion annually to foreign countries. Developing countries, countries of strategic importance to the United States, and countries recovering from war are among the top recipients of US foreign aid. Since the world is undergoing many changes after the Arab Spring 2011,...

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