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Here are 5 tips to spice up your day at work?

Here are 5 tips to spice up your day at work?

Busy but bored? Here are 5 tips on how to spice up your day at work?

Sometimes, work gets boring, no matter how overloaded you feel.

Here are some tips on how to spice up your day at work without losing any time.

Change your routine,

As much as human being like routine because it makes it easy for brain to be in control, it needs change to keep the brain’s livelihood.  How about keeping routine tasks, but change the timing or order of them! If you start your day with checking your email, maybe postpone that and check-in with your colleagues first. If you have lunch with a co-worker, try eating alone in nearby park maybe.  

Change in routine manipulates the brain and keep sit interested and excited.

Dress up (or not),

Change your outfit is possible. If you usually wear tie, try a bow this time. If you have to have a suite on, take your coat off before entering the workplace. If you like professional dark color cloths, try adding a colorful accessory to it. If it is possible to skip suite and tie, do that once in a while. If you must have a uniform on, personalize it with a drawing, accessory, or even a motivational pin.

Post a funny meme on your social media,

Nothing is more powerful than a nice hummer. Start your day with posting a funny meme or picture on your social media. This does not only improve your mood, it helps your friend have a better start of the day as well. Hummer is proven to change mood and add to productivity. Start and end your day with something that makes you smile or better laugh.

Avoid your usual restaurant or favorite food,

Most people just want their favorite restaurant or fast food when hungry. Food is a great mood changer. Try a new restaurant, or food to avoid becoming bored at work or life.

Organize your desk, re arrange your office,

Spend some time organizing your desk, cleaning and re-arranging it. Work can get boring if you walk in to the exact same desk all day year long. Move things around, add a plant or art work to your room. Help you brain experience visual novelty and it will help you become more productive. 


Hawraa akhond

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