Four Weird Things to do when Making Life Changing Decisions  

Four Weird Things to do when Making Life Changing Decisions  
Have you ever had to make a big decision, a life changing move, YET, you found yourself freaking out!
Life is all about making decisions. Some decisions appear to be as simple as getting ready for work, and some are far more difficult like choosing a major in college, or a career path, relationships and so on. The more important our decisions are, the more terrifying they become. And fear, my friends, is the most dangerous feeling of all times. Fear of unknown is what prevents us from taking chances in life. Our fears basically talk us to settle for routines, and choose what’s easy and familiar. Our fear of failure or unknown transforms us to this micro-managing, average employee, random partner, and simple citizen.
Although I cannot help by making decisions for you, in this article, I can help making the process easier.
Here are some eccentric moves to make you stronger, more courageous and ready to make life changing decisions:
1.     Get a Haircut,
Yes, I literally mean get a haircut.  It might sound weird, but it helps prepare your mindset.
Everyone gets a haircut, but for the purpose of decision making get a haircut that is new to you. Change your style if you are a guy and do something that is out of your league if you are a woman.
Changing hair style, going a bit extreme in particular, is a sign of readiness to face fears; it is a form of taking action to face unfamiliarity. It awakens a sense of courage, fearlessness, bravery and readiness in the brain. Isn’t that why movie makers use dramatic haircut to a signify major shift? Mulan, The L Word, and The Royal Tenenbaums are some movies that used a hair cut as sign of shift in life.
So next time you have to make a big decision in your life, defeat your brain’s negative talks, fearfulness and cautious mood by taking the brave action of changing your look: look at yourself in mirror, in your extreme new unfamiliar look, and tell yourself if I can change how I look, I can change how my life looks too.
2.     Buy a Piece of Clothing or an Accessory in a Color You Have Never Tried Before,
Look at your wardrobe. Identify one color that you do not have a piece of clothing of. Chances are you do not have that color because you are not comfortable seeing yourself in that color: fear of change and unfamiliarity.  For many people it is bright red, or yellow or even white. As soon as you find your “uncomfortable color” go out and buy a shirt, pants, skirt, dress or a hand bag in that color. Then wear that piece when going through decision making process and make sure to go out in public in that outfit.
Such action breaks the concept of “uncomfortable” in your brain, helping change your mindset to be ok with situations that are uneasy.
3.     Wear a Chic Pair of Shoes
Believe it or not, shoes are the most important piece of what we wear. When scientist study human’s impression factors, shoes are on top of the list of what impacts people’s perception of each other at subconscious level.
Shoes are also our very personal ride every morning. Based on research shoes literally impact our patience level, our confidence, and our mobility. Imagine wearing uncomfortable shoes, too high heel or too tight shoe.  It can ruin your mood throughout the day.
Shoes are so important that there are campaigns with shoe themes; search “Red Shoe Movement” if interested in this topic.
Point being: wear your chic shoes and remind your body and mind that you are confident and ready to take chances in life.
4.     Go Skydiving/or on a Roller Costar Ride
Most people are terrified of heights and that is because they have difficulty “trusting”. Even proven safe “fears” such as roller coasters terrifies them.  It takes split minute to face their fears to enjoy the ride, but many people never face that fear and therefore they never get to enjoy the ride. 
When you are about to make the most terrifying decision of your life, go for a skydive or a roller coaster ride and prove to your brain that fear is only a made up phenomenon. It is a feeling brain creates in order to keep us safe, but sometimes it prevents us from making big life changing decisions.
Do these four steps and see how your brain transforms your biggest fears to best motivations.
Life is short but full of possibilities, face your fear and enjoy the ride.

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