Life is Better with F Words!

Five most useful F-words you can use to improve your life

Although F-words can be taboo, some of them are keys to success. Here are five F words that you can proudly use in any setting.

F # 1: Food

Never underestimate the power of food.

  •    Having an event?

Food is the number one attraction in most events and meetings. Offer something eatable to attract more people to your event.

  •    Change the mood with food!

Food changes the environment. A very boring professional meeting can be transformed to a networking event where people talk, connect and spend time getting to know each other given the right food.

  •    Cool off tension.

Since food and eating is associated with “meeting human’s basic needs”, it can be used to ease mediation or reduce tension in arguments. If there is tension or disagreement between people, bring in something edible and indirectly offer people to eat together. You will be surprised with the immediate ease that food can offer.

  •    Increase productivity,

“Food will have a tremendous impact on a meeting’s productivity and outcome,” according to psychologist Andrea Sullivan. Since food is transformed to energy, it will increase the productivity of participants. That being said, you should be mindful of the kinds of food you are offering. Offer brain-stimulating food such as nuts and greens instead of oily or heavy snacks and foods like chips.

F # 2: Follow

  •    I cannot stand “followers,” and by that I mean people who chose to follow instead of leading. “Follow” in the context of this article is following your dreams, footsteps of successful people and following impact leaders on social media.
  •    Dreams stay dreams unless we take steps toward them. Then they become goals. Have dreams that motivate you and spend some time, on daily bases, finding ways to achieve them.
  •    Follow the footsteps of successful people.  There is a whole industry dedicated to studying keys to success based on life story and narratives of influential leaders. Study the life of people who you look up to and do what they did. What is their daily routine, how do they deal with daily stress, where do they find comfort, how do they make decisions, who do they befriend, etc.  Do what they did and you are closer to getting where they got.
  •    Follow people and pages your ideal successful people follow on their social media. The best way to get into the mindset of your leader is to see who they look up to, and what pages they are interested in.  This practice helps you become closer to your leader’s way of life and thinking. As a result you get another step closer to your dream status.

F # 3: Free

Free is a magic word that no one resists. Study shows people chose free over discount even when the value is less. Offer some freebie, free consultations, or even a free hug. Major businesses frequently give out free services, gifts, and memberships Activists offer even free hugs to attract people to the massage they are passionate about.

F # 4: Funny

Humor is one key to so many different level of success. Humor and funny jokes, when used appropriately, are great ice breakers and strengthen relationships. People like to be surrounded by funny individuals so they can distance themselves from life. In addition to relationship benefits, humor is scientifically proven to improve mood, productivity and even the immune system. Learn some appropriate jokes, send funny memes to friends and loved ones once in a while. Use funny pictures as your phone or computer background and surround yourself with funny people.

F # 5: Friend

Good friends are priceless. Be selective with who you befriend. Fine people you can bond with, spend time with them.

Friends should be people you can be your true self around; those who can be there for you when you need them, are honest and trustworthy, offer help, are successful in their lives, are positive, and push you outside your comfort zone so you can grow and improve.

Such friends are assets. When it comes to the topic of friendship, it does not matter how many friends you have, but it matters who you befriend!

So seems like F-words are not too bad. Use these five F-words to pave the path to success.

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