Sound Supper SMART in any Settings, 4 easy steps.

Four easy steps on how to sound supper SMART in any settings!

  1. Create and keep accomplishment list,

The past is the best predictor of the future. One must create and maintain an accomplishment list. Although education, degree, and certificates are excellent, when it comes to real life what matters is what you have done rather than what you were taught. Always be prepared to talk about your achievements, success stories, times you dealt with stressful situations, solutions you have had offered to workplace problems in the past, programs you established, and groups you lead.

When it comes to accomplishments, do NOT be humble, sell your skills.

  1. Know well-known smarties, good authors and easy to read books in your field

ALWAYS have a list of books and authors who have a strong voice in your professional area in mind. If you had presented yourself as a professional, chances are people are going to ask about books you are currently reading. Or even advice on what to learn.  The worse the thing is to be asked about books and authors in your field and not have an answer ready. It means you are not up to date with your professional development skills!

In addition to the apparent benefit of reading and continued education, mentioning well-known authors and bestselling books adds to your credibility and leads people to associate you with their accomplishments. Go ahead and write three book titles and three good authors here right now.

  1. Ask the unasked question,

One question most people do not ask is about challenges others face in their profession. Everyone asks about others career, school and other areas in life. However, what most people like to express but barely get the opportunity to do so, challenges in life. Do not be afraid to ask people what are some challenges they face doing what they do. Asking such question immediately makes people think deep, shows them you care and are interested, gives them the opportunity to feel good about themselves surviving in challenges, and finally enables people to be vulnerable but safe around you.

At the same time, avoid asking questions about people’s private lives. Asking questions about challenges regarding personal life is wrong!

  1. Show your confidence,

Walk, talk and dress as if you are the most confident person on the earth. And keep in mind confidence is different from arrogance. Confident people are ones who are OK with themselves and their weaknesses when arrogant are ones who think they are THE BEST out there.  Always dress appropriately, talk not too fast and not too slow, and walk with your head up while taking firm steps. To avoid making an arrogant impression, make sure to greet all with a friendly smile and a firm handshake. Make sure to welcome people who dislike you even better. Smart people are those who keep friends close but enemies closer.

These days we have all kind of smart devices, but intelligent people are hard to find. Please become one 😉

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