Mathematics of 9/11: Shapes and Numbers!

Mathematics of 9/11: Shapes and Numbers!

Among all shapes recognized by mathematician, I dislike circles the most. Why? Because it creates a loop that one can never scape. The farther you go, the closer you get to the starting point.

Violence and war is one of those concepts that are shaped like circle. One you are in it, you can barely get out.

Here are some numbers to help see how the circle of violence that started as “war on Terror” after 9/11 has affected the world.

  • ISIS did not exist on 9/11
  • War on terror has cost USA $ 4,400,000,000,000 up until 2015
  • Between 2002 and 2015, death from terrorism went up 4,500% according to US government estimates
  • Before Iraq invasion in 2003, there was no recorded suicide attack in that country’s history and since then up until 2015, 1892 attacks are reported.
  • Prior 9/11 only 1 suicide attack was recorded in Pakistan and in 2015, it “slightly increased” to 486 attacks!!!

Attack recorder between 2001 and 2015:

  • Somalia had 88 attacks,
  • Yemen 85,
  • Libya 29,
  • Nigeria 91 and Syria 165.

I have to warn you these are government records and bet does not include ALL attacks too place in mentioned countries and elsewhere in the world.

Millions of people died, businesses, schools, hospitals and residences demolished, and children lost care givers under the umbrella of “war on Terror” a to mentions human kind has become bunch of fearful and anxious citizens.

Now, you do the math!

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