RED DOOR, Past, Present and Future

According to CNN, on January 20, 2016, “asylum seekers in the town of Middlesbrough, UK, were housed in homes with RED painted doors, making some residents targets of abuse.” British Immigration Minister James Brokenshire stated that he was “deeply concerned by this issue,” after media reports that asylum seekers had had eggs and stones thrown at their houses because the paintwork on their doors gave away their immigration status.

Historically RED DOORS have been used for many reasons. Back in Pre-Islamic Arabia women who had RED DOOR were know as prostitutes. They painted their doors RED, or had red flag on the door so clients could locate them easily.

In Chinese culture, a RED DOOR is a sign of luck. If you paint your door red, luck will find you.

In the movie RED DOOR, the REDness represented struggles that an immigrant had to deal with in NY.

In early American tradition a RED door was a sign of a home that was a safe stop for travelers.

Prior to Pharaoh commanding the Israelites to leave Egypt, God commanded the Israelites through Mosses to cover their doors in the blood of a lamb.  This blood would act as symbol of their obedience to God.

Catholic churches painted their doors RED to remind people of Christ’s sacrifice.

Some believe during the civil war, “safe homes” that were part of the Underground Railroad supposedly painted their doors RED to guide escaped slaves to places of refuge and safety.  Also, it is believed that people would paint their front doors RED to indicate their home was paid off.

Finally Einstein painted his front door RED because he couldn’t remember which house was his without the red door.

Throughout history RED DOOR was sign of luck and safety. However, with the growing global intolerance, the RED DOOR change its function. Since the start of unrest in Syria, ISIS and other anti-Shia groups marked doors that belonged to Shia families in Zainabiawith RED paint at night and in the morning the whole family was found slaughtered.

In other parts of the world, protestors use RED flag to express their anger and disappointment in the government.

And most recently asylum seekers in UK were resided in homes with RED DOOR and it lead to identification of this people by anti- immigrants.

Those who are into design associate RED with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Seems like color RED has fulfilled its duty to human kind: in past via its positive messages and in present through its negativity. The past and present is easy to study but it is not so easy to determine how this immigration will suit or harm humanity. I can only wish that color RED brings its message of love and passion back to humanity.

And oh, yes, a message to British authorities:

Please do not paint all those RED DOORS same color again, because chances are anti immigrants will notice that color too.

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