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Every Day Should be the Day……

Every Day Should be the Day……

November 13th is world’s Kindness Day. As much as world days provide opportunities to express forgotten human qualities such as love, kindness, forgiveness, ect they make me think what happened to the humanity that we need reminders to practice our qualities???

In the religion I practice, Shia Islam, everyday is Kindness day because you are encouraged to care for people around you and act upon that,

Every day is Valentine ’s Day because you have to express your love everyday

Every day is Free Hug day, and day to raise Awareness Against Torture and a day to raise money for breast cancer research and prevent suicide, and World Cancer day and World social justice day and….…..every day of our lives should be dedicated to be human and practice our humanity

Even Eid can be everyday, since my Imam, Imam Ali has a narration that says “ the day you do not commit sin, is considered an Eid”

The only day that is not every day, is one’s Birth Day



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