Houthis Making History by Adhering to UN resolution!

After months of nonstop fighting, expense of millions of dollars, and destruction of homes, families and lives Houthis adhered to UN plan of ceasefire!

Such interesting decision requires in depth investigation as it smells fishy to critical minds:

  • It is not every day that UN resolution is actually adhered by anyone, so Houthis are defiantly making history at the moment,
  • What prompted Houthis to make such decision after death of about 5000 people including more than 2300 civilians?!
  • What is Houthis getting in return of their ceasefire?
  • So Houthis and their supporters such as Iran, Yemen governments and their supporters such as Saudi Arabia were not politically mature enough to come to an agreement but they are brave enough to accept and implement UN resolution?!
  • At this point who is responsible for the destruction of homes, lives and families?
  • Although ceasefire is always the best solution that stops human rights violations and war crimes immediately, Houthis letter addressed to Ban Ki Moon that informs their commitment to the seven Muscat principles, which include a ceasefire, the removal of armed militias from the cities and the return of the government to the capital, is very unusual and suspicious.

Houthis accused their government of corruption and therefore managed powerful upraise to the point they took over parts of Yemen, including the capital, Sanaa, and forced the government into exile in Marc.

History and Background:

Many people did not know anything about Houthis up until they attacked Yemeni government forces and offices. All the sudden they became famous rebels who represent Shia minority and who have ties to Iran and are planning to take over the Middle East and Africa. Houthis VS Shia is an article published on CDN (http://www.commdiginews.com/world-news/zakery-houthis-are-not-representative-of-all-shia-in-yemen-2-19036/) to clarify and emphasizing the fact that Houthis might partially belong to minority group within Shia faith, yet they have political agenda and their upraise has nothing to do with their faith. Many, including politicians and media outlets, make the mistake of associating all Yemeni Shia Muslims with this militant group. However, of the 45 percent of Yemeni population who are Shia Muslims, most have no interest in the military movement. Today’s deal between Houthis and Yemeni government is another proof that this militant group has political agenda and all who accused them for fighting their government due to their faith, Shiism, need to sit back and watch how politic is a motive to most upraises not faith.

It would be interesting to see why Houthis made such decision and what is the outcome of the resolution. However UN Yemeni government and Houthis must also come up with a good explanation to the families of those who were killed, owners of homes and businesses that are destroyed and refugees who fled their land.

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