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Why are you more powerful than all the historical leaders combined?

Why are you more powerful than all the historical leaders combined?

As a personal coach, therapist, and a leadership trainer, I spend a great deal of my time studying the life of influential and successful history makers: looking for keys to success, secrets behind influence and reasons that transforms ordinary people to the all-time best.

What amazes me is how in the process of studying the past, and planning for the future we undermine the value of today.

What if I tell you and remind myself that today you and I are more potent that Steve jobs: the co-founder of Apple Inc, Walt Disney: the co-founder of Walt Disney Productions, Tim Berners-Lee: the starter of the World Wide Web, Mahatmas Gandhi: the primary leader of India’s independence movement, Martin Luther King: the leader in Civil Right Movement, in addition to all the great businessmen, leaders, presidents, scientists and in general successful people who have once lived on this planet?

I can bet none of us start the day being mindful of the fact that we, at this moment, have an asset and capability that none of the deceased history makers have anymore: livelihood.

Being alive in addition to having to access so many technological advantages, information, and gadgets creates so many opportunities. No matter how smart or powerful those people were, they do not have what you and I have today.

Imagine how our life can be different if we remind ourselves every day that TODAY I am more powerful than any influential person I can think of!

Seize the day and make history.

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Hawraa akhond

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