The Magic of Calendaring

Replace Neurons with Pens and Paper

In today’s world, resources are the key to everything. From motives behind wars to the profitability of businesses, resources are one of the main factors.  However, one critical resource, which is always overused and often overlooked, is our neuro-resources.

Let’s start with some basic neurology:

It is known to all that our brain never sleeps, and neurons are the basic working units of the brain. Neurons are specialized cells designed to transmit information. In other words, they make everything possible for us. From decision making, feeling emotions, having an active life, creating memories, learning new information to imagining a future, every aspect of our life is dependent on neurons and their secure communications.

Given the importance of neurons, their well-being can change the course of our lives.

One way to take care of the brain and its working units is mental cleansing through “calendaring.”

Calendaring, as you can probably guess, is making a note of every task in a calendar. Believe it or not it is a well-used habit of most big shots.

Although our brain is capable of keeping a whole lot of information, using it as the calendar can consume too much of its energy.  Calendaring is not necessary because people forget what they have to do, but it is a means of using their neuro-resources wisely.  As mentioned earlier, neurons are precious resources. Instead of using them to remember when to do what, big shots save their energy for more important tasks such as making better decisions.

Smart people take the burden of small tasks off their brain, so the brain has enough energy and resources to engage in more complex tasks. Have you wondered why most influential people such as late Steve Jobs or young Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg always wear the same simple shirt? It is because they do not want to use their energy for small things like choosing what to wear; they want them for big important stuff.

Calendaring is a way to cleanse your brain. Write down your tasks and their due dates, appointments and their topic, time and addresses, and even calendar take-home messages after each meeting. Do not use and rely on your brain to remember and remind you about little things.

Here is how you can save neuro-resources:

Step one:

Calendar everything. Once you “calendar” the task is off from your brain, yet accessible. In addition to that, research suggests that information that is written down is easier to be retrieved and remembered without any active and conscious effort.

For Better Results Go Old Fashion

I know it sounds odd and maybe looks impractical, but if you want to get most our out your experience, WRITE using pen and paper instead of typing and using digital calendars.  Research suggests writing helps create a  more efficient learning experience and something typing cannot do that. (Click here to read an excellent article on writing)

Step Two:

Once you have one master calendar, write down daily tasks and goals on index cards: one task per card. Then organize your cards based on their priorities. As soon as you finish one task, set that card aside and go for the next. Besides helping you remember tasks, this system helps you get what’s most important done first, prevents distractions, reduces your stress, organizes your brain, saves neurons’ energy and most importantly, allows you the satisfaction of seeing progress throughout the day.

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