July 17, 2017

Build Muscle for Success in 3 Steps

Three Lessons to Build Muscle for Success We the human are in constant competition with each other. Our competition starts at the time of our conception when the egg and sperm fought against other eggs and sperm. We compete with our siblings and friends at childhood, with our classmates at school, our colleagues at works, with other businesses in a larger society and so on. It almost feels like...

Miracle of Cause Marketing

I have always been amazed by how a greater cause impacts business’ success. Let me start with a personal story. I never liked flavored yogurts. The only thing I ever picked from the yogurt fridge, at the markets, was plain yogurt.  Until I heard Hamdi Ulukaya, the CEO of Chobani yogurt announcing the decision to gave 10% of Chobani stock to its employees. Just learning about such action,...

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