Hawraa Zakery/Akhond

Human Rights Advocacy

As a  Master of Social Justice Counseling holder Hawraa believes advocacy is a strong tool that has proven to be effective in changing policy and changing the world to a better place. Zakery is the head of the research department of the Shia Rights Watch in Washington DC and her research focuses on the rights of minority Shia Muslims.

 Research and Publications:

Zakery has published more than ten annual reports highlighting Shia rights violations in many countries of the world. Also, she has mentored and trained interns, volunteers and advocates.  Hawraa has worked with variety of human rights organization, federal agencies, think tanks, NGOs, and academic experts to advocate for the rights of Shia Muslim. Hawraa’s articles are regularly published on Academia.edu, commdiginews.com, medium.com, Researchgate.net, and more. 

Teachings, Training and Mentoring:

Zakery was ranked best mentor by The Washington Center for her intern mentoring and training.

She has trained tens of teachers in the Islamic schools and taught at different weekend schools in addition to teaching at Fairfax County Public School in Virginia.

For last decade, Hawraa has designated her weekends to help children and youngsters in academic settings. Her degree is Psychology and Especial Education from George Mason University enabled her to combine advocacy with Islamic manners and education and educate new generation of Shia Muslims in the West. 

Hawraa believes education is the key to raising strong children who can be change agents in the world.


Mind Your Work

Hawraa is the founder of www.mindyourwork.org where she advocates for well-being of employees at work-place. She is certified coach practitioner who holds leadership training seminars in addition to personal coaching sessions.  Hawraa believes in “life by design” and helps you reach goals in life.

Hawraa’s other Experiences:

Hawraa has hosted for Rowzaneh TV in Fairfax County Chanel 3 for two years and also was editor of Rowzaneh Magazine that used to be published in USA from 2002 to 2004.



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